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Software Developer Job Description

by The EPAM Anywhere Editorial Team
3 min readpublished 01 September 2022updated 19 September 2022

Software Developers are specialists who are involved in the entire path of software development from the first moment of discussing the details of the project with the client, to the presentation of a completed project and subsequent support. The software they develop enables users to perform various tasks on different devices.

Let's take a closer look at the classic software developer job description, which will help answer questions about the work and the responsibilities, requirements, roles, and duties that a candidate for a software developer will encounter. This information can help software developers prepare for an interview and recruiters draft position descriptions. All information is presented as a template that can be easily inserted into a CV or vacancy description with minimal editing.

Software Developer Job Description Template

The main task of the software developer is to write functional software that adapts to different hardware, performs a specific set of operations, and satisfies all the needs of the project. The developer will also have to regularly implement additional modifications to maintain the relevance, performance, and efficiency of the system.

Software Developer Requirements

Most companies require a candidate to meet the following software developer requirements:

  1. A bachelor's or master's degree in computer technology
  2. Command of software development best practices
  3. Mastery of relevant trends in the software world
  4. The specified number of years of experience in a similar position
  5. Knowledge of automation and productivity tools
  6. Ability to develop API
  7. Being skilled in several programming languages
  8. Advanced proficiency with one of the programming languages
  9. Understanding of frontend and backend development
  10. Familiarity with innovative technologies
  11. Basic working knowledge of cloud systems
  12. Experience with different databases, libraries, and frameworks

The software developer specialty frequently implies the possibility of switching to a remote work format. This is popular in many companies, and facilitates the work of employees in a variety of areas. General job descriptions do not necessarily reflect this opportunity, but a candidate may be expected to have: excellent time management skills, the ability to distinguish between work and leisure, a high level of organization, and the ability to create an efficient workspace.

Software Developer Responsibilities

The main software developer responsibilities are:

  1. Managing an entire software development project
  2. Creating various visualizations
  3. Maintaining all documents and reports
  4. Sustaining the functionality and relevance of the software
  5. Creating algorithms for new systems
  6. Analyzing the target audience to create the most suitable product
  7. Writing clean and easily scalable code
  8. Interacting directly with the client to determine the nuances of the project
  9. Debugging the product
  10. Testing at different stages
  11. Identifying and correcting errors
  12. Analyzing users' opinions regarding the software
  13. Implementing improvements and innovative solutions for existing programs
  14. Introducing updates to a new or existing products
  15. Responding in a timely manner to possible malfunctions in the systems

To perform routine tasks, managers frequently hire newcomers to the world of programming, who are not expected to meet all of the requirements identified above. Intermediate professionals must perform the full range of duties described above. And for seniors, the management role means taking charge of the entire software developer team. Senior-level developers must have all the skills necessary to successfully carry the project to completion, organize the effective work of the team, and distribute tasks among subordinates.

Software Developer Roles

Specialists of different levels have varying software developer roles, which should be clearly spelled out in the job description. Generally speaking, though, developers at all levels are responsible for the quality of the software that they produce. They must be able to present and defend their work in front of management and the client. Along the way, they need to participate in all stages of software development, collect data to enhance the capabilities of the software, and adjust its performance. Ultimately, they need to develop optimized, functional programs that will increase market demand for the client’s product.

Software Developer Duties and Soft Skills

To get a job as a software developer, it is not enough just to match the technical part of the job description. This profession requires additional duties and soft skills from the specialist, including:

  1. Generating a consistent stream of fresh ideas
  2. Knowledge of the latest technologies
  3. Meticulous attention to detail
  4. The ability to remain focused on a single goal
  5. The ability to successfully delegate
  6. The ability to divide one large task into subtasks for an effective and efficient workflow

The position involves daily interaction with full-stack developers or teams of other developers, testers, and other IT professionals. The software developer must also be able to engage effectively and appropriately with management. This means that the candidate must be able to work in a team and have excellent professional communication skills.